Thursday, 25 March 2010

You Tube if you want to

Conclusive proof that the internet is a force for good: EMI have shoved all the original Faith Brothers promo vids up on YouTube (actually they did it six months ago but I've only just noticed). Woo and indeed hoo!

Embedding's been "disabled by request" (those dreaded words), but just click on the links below for some of the very best music of the decade that I'm apparently (oh alright then - actually) obsessed with!

Faith Brothers - A Stranger On Home Ground video

Faith Brothers - Eventide video

Faith Brothers - The Country of the Blind video

Faith Brothers - That's Just The Way That It Is With Me video (which, I've just noticed, stars Freddie Mainwaring from Grange Hill!)

Faith Brothers - Whistling in the Dark (Extended)*

*Audio only. There doesn't appear to be a video for this track (or if there is, EMI haven't deigned to share it with us) but it's bloody brilliant and it'd seem a shame to omit it here, so here's a link to the extended mix plus a nice pic of the record sleeve.


davy h said...

Watch out for Mr Franks live Kips, he is marvellous.

Kippers said...

Will do, Davy. Hope his dress sense has improved a bit since the mid-80s, mind. I know mine has.

dickvandyke said...

You are a hero Mr Kips.

This is a find of Tutenkamun proportions. Without the gold baubles obviously.

Kippers said...

Glad to be of assistance Dickie. I'll still keep digging for those gold baubles, mind!

tim said...

All Faith Brother's stuff can now be downloaded via Amazon amongst others as well.

Billy Franks has a Facebook group set up as well.