Sunday, 4 April 2010

Barefeet of Clay

Dateline 1987. Inspired by the huge success of Jackie Wilson's recently re-issued #1 smash Reet Petite - and accompanying claymation video - Telstar try cashing in on the winning formula by re-releasing Robert Parker's own 60s soul classic Barefootin' - complete with its own claymation video!

I liked this song a lot (what's not to like?), but alas it wasn't destined to emulate the success of Reet Petite, and stalled well outside the top 40 in the UK. Not even my purchasing of it on 7" from Woolworths in Clacton was enough to tip it over the edge. Such is life.

Mildly Interesting Claymation Fact: Although the Barefootin' video was an Aardman Animations production, strangely enough it hadn't been them that had been responsible for the Reet Petite vid. That had been the work of a London-based animation and live action company called Giblets. (I bet the Giblets people must throw stuff at the telly every time Wallace & Gromit come on now.)

Robert Parker - Barefootin' mp3

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