Friday, 12 March 2010

Johan Borgert & Holy Madre

Long-time readers will know that Swedish pop songs are two a penny on this blog, but it's not often (hardly ever, in fact) that we feature a Swedish language song. Time to put that right I think. This recent performance of Joharifönstret by Johan Borgert & Holy Madre for Swedish site PSL really is terrific. Gawd knows what they're singing about, but who cares when the music's this good!

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Spike said...

Great song, great camerawork!

(I'm sure he mentioned Alan Rickman at one point...)

Kippers said...

I think you're right! With about 1.40 left on the clock!

There is something brilliant about the way these PSL-filmed vids are captured. They really help enhance what are generally excellent performances already. I don't think I've seen a duff one yet.