Thursday, 11 March 2010

Strictly Come Dancing

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact: The Kinks' first UK Top 40 hit for eleven years, Come Dancing peaked at number 12 in the Gallup charts in the late summer of 1983. As a child I thought this record was by Paul McCartney for some reason. Ahh, the complete stupidity of youth.

Anyway, here, in an exciting Radio 1 top 40 countdown stylee, are the eleven records that kept it from its rightful place at the top spot in that fateful week of 27th August:

11 - Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch

"Hey ebon, eboneh!" Eh?

10 - David Grant - Watching You Watching Me

Isn't that what the presenters used to say at the end of Game For A Laugh?

9 - UB40 - Red Red Wine

This was one of the five singles my mother let me buy in order to placate me for the trauma of having to move fifty miles and switch schools when my dad relocated for work. The other four were: They Don't Know by Tracey Ullman, Modern Love by David Bowie, Heaven 17's Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry and Big Apple by Kajagoogoo.

8 - Herbie Hancock - Rockit

Successful jazzy type leaps on vogueish
body poppin' 'n' a-scratchin' bandwagon to great effect. Or does he?! (Yes.)

7 - Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

As The Kinks found to their cost this week, IT'S A COMPETITIVE WORLD.

6 - Madness - Wings of a Dove

I somehow managed to, ahem, inherit Matty Davis's copy of this. Hah! In your fizzog, Matty D!

5 - Wham! - Club Tropicana

..drinks are free. Fun and sunshine - there's enough for everyone... Admit it, this is great!

4 - Elton John - I'm Still Standing

Alongside my lovely wife Renata. Pfft.

3 - Style Council - Long Hot Summer

This just passed me by I'm afraid.

2 - Spandau Ballet - Gold

The royalties Gary Kemp must earn from this whenever there's an Olympic games - and accompanying musical montage - on. Must be almost enough not to have to swallow his pride and reform two decades later with the bandmate(s) he ended up despising. Almost.

1 - KC & The Sunshine Band - Give It Up

The song that must've launched a thousand - or at least a dozen - Radio 1 roadshows. Oh Smiley Miley, where are you now?

Come Dancing was, of course, a nostalgic paean to Ray Davies's childhood in post-war Britain, when dance halls like the one his big sister used to frequent were all the rage. It's quite poignant too in parts: "The day they knocked down the Pally, part of my childhood died - just died". Makes you think.

Tenuous link ahoy! Similar themes to those above were explored in classic BBC sitcom Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads AKA arguably the best sitcom of all time, which can now be bought in its entirety - 26 episodes, a Christmas Special plus all 8 surviving episodes from the 1960s precursor The Likely Lads - for a bargain £11.99 from HMV. Possibly the greatest theme tune ever too!


Mick said...

I was just thinking about Whatever Happenes To The Likely Lads the other day. Part of me would love to see a one-off special or series to bring us up to date but the other half tells me these things rarely work.

By the way, the Macca song you're getting confused with Come Dancing is Ballroom Dancing and it's pretty bloody fab.

Kippers said...

Sadly it seems any Likely Lads reunion or update would have to remain a theoretical exercise anyway, as Bolam won't talk to Bewes any more, as explained by the latter in this interview in the Independent last month:

Ballroom Dancing, eh? That might be one feasible explanation. I'll have to seek it out sometime!

Mick said...

Come to think of it I think i heard that story. Very sad.

The Ballroom Dancing clip from the, er, epic Give My Regards To Broadstreet can be seen here. It differs slightly from the studio version and it won't be to everyone's taste but as an unashamed Macca fan I love it.

Kippers said...

Nope, I'd not heard that before. Good stuff but! I don't mind a bit of Give My Regards To Broad Street actually. No More Lonely Nights was dead good (even if I did feel swindled when they stuck an almost unrecognisable "Dance Remix" of it on Now That's What I Call Music 4. Swizz!

davy h said...

Those were my salad days, slowly being eaten away.

Mick said...

It's just another Play For Today...
Actually I think that's a brilliant top 3. No mocking Gold from me.

I agree about No More Lonely Nights - one of my all time favourite solo McCartney songs. The b-side was the horrible speeded up 'playout version' which was probably what was on your 'Now' LP.

Kippers said...

Oh but I'm proud of you, but I'm proud of you...

Gawd, I'm really in the mood for a lyrics quiz now.

Actually, to tell you the truth, chaps, I can't quibble with a single one of those songs in that Top 12. It was an especially strong week.

Bah! Stupid playout version!

adam said...

'...always believe it...'

It was a really poppy top twelve wasn't it? I completely love Come Dancing in every way - coming back after such a long time with something which was so them was brilliant.

Strictly speaking, shouldn't that be the 'À Paris' ep at number 3?

Kippers said...

You're right of course. But "the 'À Paris' ep just passed me by" wouldn't really have had any comedy legs (a bit like Arthur Askey).

adam said...

I'd just like to say how pleased I was with my accented 'A' and you did it to! As you have said, I'm proud of you...