Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Over the moon, Jimmy

Sometimes I get a bit jaded watching football, and end up asking myself if it's really worth all the bother and time invested (I'd add money to that list, but I'm strictly an armchair, non-Sky-subscribing fan these days). Admittedly this normally coincides with watching an especially dour, attritonal goalless encounter between Fulham and Spurs in the FA Cup, for example. But happen it undoubtedly does; and quite often at that.

Then, once in a while, you witness a moment that genuinely gets you off your feet and makes you punch the air in delight - especially when it occurs at a crucial stage in a big match - as happened with this Samir Nasri goal in Arsenal's Champions' League Matchweek 74 First Knockout Phase Second Leg Sponsored by Accurist game against Porto last night. As an Arsenal fan I'm clearly open to accusations of bias here, but come on! This is sublime:

Then to top it all off, Backside (as the hyper-sensitive anti-swearing software on a 'net forum I used to frequent used to change the word Arsenal to) went on to score twice more in the game, through a brilliantly-timed counter attack started by Andre Arshavin and finished, after a lung-bursting run from his own half, by the much-maligned but actually rather decent and thoroughly committed Emmanuele Eboue. As if that wasn't surreal enough, Nicklas "Barn Door" Bendtner then went on to complete his first-ever hat-trick with a penalty in the final minute. I'm going to wake up in a minute.

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adam said...

I turned on the radio right at the beginning of the second half, spent ten minutes thinking 'uh-oh' and then it was all just lovely.

Kippers said...

Phew, a comment! Thanks, Adam! I'd not had any on the last few posts and was beginning to get an insight into how poor Emile Heskey must feel whenever he's stuck in the middle of one of his prolonged goal droughts. I've actually got a bit more empathy for the lumbering goal-shy, target-man now!

BTW, I watched the game free on the live streams over here. It's a good site.

Kippers said...

Bugger. That didn't work. I'll paste the link instead: