Friday, 22 July 2011

Misogynists Only

Can't decide which item of clothing pisses me off more - the "I ♥ Slags" t-shirts currently for sale in Sports Direct or the monstrosity above - which we snapped (not literally, alas) in a gift shop in Hastings. I mean, I'm no Emmeline Pankhurst but this is almost enough to make me want to chain myself to some railings in protest or something. In denim dungarees.

Honestly, it's beyond moronic, and induces a complete sense of humour failure in me - or at least it would if there was anything even remotely funny about it. How low would a person's I.Q./opinion of women/self-esteem (delete as applicable) have to be to find something like that even mildly amusing? Eh?! It's not even funny in an ironic way, like the Wurzels or piles.

Anyway, bollocks!

Lucky Soul - Struck Dumb mp3

Pelle Carlberg - Bastards Don't Blush mp3


davyh said...

Made in China by 'slappers' paid £4 a month. Fact. Sadly.

Hey ho, happy summer everyone.

JM said...

as an american, I don't get this, thought it was a reference to domestic abuse, but then figured it was another word for slut. Am I on the mark?

Kippers said...

Yes, right on the mark. 'Slags' and 'slappers' are derogatory terms used for promiscuous women. Oddly (or predictably) enough, there's no such descriptive word for a man who sleeps around.