Saturday, 23 July 2011

New album from Jelle Paulusma

For obvious reasons it's been a pretty depressing weekend, so I think some optimistic music is called for to lighten the mood a tad. In which case, cop a load of this.

Jelle Paulusma - A Little Better Every Day mp3

Erstwhile Daryll-Ann frontman Paulusma has released a new, third, solo album, Up On The Roof - which, sadly, is proving nigh-on impossible to get hold of here in the UK. The Dutch iTunes store have it, though, if you have an account with them. (Ridiculously, a UK iTunes Store account isn't sufficient to enable you to buy it.)

You can, thankfully, stream the album in the handy widget-type thing below, however, which is something at least.

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Spike said...

Oh good timing, Kippers! A right pick me up that is. Album sounds great too!

Spike said...

P.S. "If you’re interested in purchasing a real cd please check your local record store (Benelux countries only) or send an e-mail to"


Kippers said...

Thanks, Banks! :)

BTW A Little Better Every Day isn't even on the album - it seems he recorded it specifically as music for some Dutch TV ad. Amazing - it's one of his best songs for years!

Kippers said...

Paulusma email sent!

*drums fingers on desk impatiently*