Friday, 1 July 2011

Song of the Day

"The real dance song is "Cross Bones Style." I'm thinking of making that the single and doing a full-on "Lucky Star" style video. Like Madonna, dancing in a white room. I'm sure I'll chicken out though." - Chan Marshall, 1998.

Later that same year...

But really, how great is that (the song and the video)? It's strange but I can pretty much take or leave every Cat Power album prior to 1998's Moon Pix (from which Cross Bones Style is taken) and after 2000's The Covers Record, yet I absolutely love these two and would pass a law that every household in the land should own at least one copy of each, were I to ever come to power. (I'd be an otherwise benevolent dictator leader, though, honest! Vote for me!)

Compare and contrast Madge's Lucky Star vid here


Mick said...

I had to turn this off after approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds. I'm afraid I would have to lead the revolution against you.

Mick Power!!

Kippers said...

[Makes arrangements to have Mick 'disappeared']

Mick said...

Oops! I hope Siberia's nice this time of year.