Thursday, 10 November 2011

Scotify! (Spotify playlist #8)

Inspired by STV's recent Scotland's Greatest Album series (you can read the final results from the viewers' vote here), I've decided to cobble together my own list of favourites by artists from north of the border (Spotify availability permitting). Unlike the TV version, however, there'll be nae Rod Stewart or AC/DC here. But I have served up lashings of cheese.

(With apologies to Hipsway, Capercaillie, Mull Historical Society, The Skids, Ballboy, Malcolm Middleton, Idlewild, Edwyn Collins, Bronski Beat, Texas, Wet Wet Wet (yeah, I know) and a shedload of other acts I could and probably should have included. (I'm sure they'll all be devastated.)


drew said...

Sorry Kippers but you need a bit of AC/DC but whole heartedly approve of your last choice.
I played that in the pub before the 1998 Brazil match, we nearly tore the roof off the pub.
Sadly it will be a while before we reach another World Cup

dickvandyke said...

Some disappointment therein.
No Lena Zavaroni, Andy Stewart nor Kenneth McKellar.

I may have squeezed in Amy MacDonald, Shirley Manson and KT Tunstall, but that's for different reasons.

Kippers said...

Lena Zavaroni was Scottish? I had no idea. (As is apparent from the list, my 70s pop knowledge isn't up to much.)

Yeah Drew, '82 was a good year for World Cup songs all round.

dickvandyke said...

Seriously, I thought Lena was great.
As I get older, her story seems more poignant to me.

See this performance ..

Kippers said...

That's proper singing.