Friday, 11 November 2011

He can't stand up for falling down

Took this footage on my phone from this evening's Euro 2014 qualifier between Turkey and Croatia. In it, Turkish playmaker Hamit Altintop takes what I would have to declare to be the most outrageous dive I've ever seen perpetrated by a professional footballer (and I've seen Cristiano Ronaldo). There was no one within three feet of him!

(Apologies for the rather shonky picture quality, by the way, but I literally filmed the video direct from my mobile phone while pointing it at the telly! Still, though, a couple of clicks later and it was uploaded to YouTube. Isn't technology marvellous?)

The Bluebells - I'm Falling mp3


Spike said...

Good grief! 6.84!

Kippers said...

That clip has now been viewed 10,705 times and generated 62 comments since I uploaded it last night - which makes You Tube almost as popular as this blog.


dickvandyke said...

His name is an anagram of 'Amateur toppling tit'.

62 comments! Am I being loyal to the wrong vehicle here?

Kippers said...

Not at all, Dickie, not at all. We go for quality over quantity here.

dickvandyke said...

Well, I'm gonna spread my seed across to that there comments-drenched 'no engleesh' el bastardo facetube. There might be a sturdy Swedish blonde nymphette called Ingrid lurking amidst the Kipper-produced 'goes down easily' vids, who's looking for the older yet distinguished Yorkshireman with little money, a GSOH, and small to medium appendage.

Kippers said...

Don't forget yer tin hat - it's a jungle out there - and the very best of British to you. (That Ingrid won't know what hit her.)