Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mop of the Pops

You'll probably never see this on TV again as it's from the 23rd March 1978 edition of Top of the Pops presented by Dave "Persona non grata" Lee Travis, so I'm putting it up here as it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible (about three, in the case of this blog). It's Legs & Co. frumping up brilliantly to the strains of Donna Summer's Rumour Has It.


dickvandyke said...

By George, that's so shite, it's good.
And some serious cash gorn into that set.
Almost Pythonesque. Why, one almost expects Terry Jones to lead the way - with the Batley Townswomens Guild re-enacting the battle of Pearl Harbour.

Kippers said...

Yes Dicky, a definite whiff of the Pepperpots about this one! Actually, it's a shame Legs & Co weren't still going in 1982, as they could have reprised this routine for Madness's Our House.

Pip said...

Could also have repreised it for "I Want To Break Free" by Queen...with a little tweaking here and there.

Kippers said...

I'm still haunted by the thought of that video even now!