Wednesday 16 April 2008

"Maybe it's in my mind"

The Simple CarnivalWhen I've had a song stuck in my head for a week and I'm still not ready for something else to take its place, I consider that a good sign. This week my mental jukebox has mostly been playing...The Simple Carnival.

The Simple Carnival is Pittsburgh-based one-man band (but not in the horn between the knees way) Jeff Boller, and he makes classic pop songs. He makes it seem so damn simple, too! Nip over to his myspace page and have a listen to Caitlin's On The Beach and The Girls Upstairs - don't they sound instantly familiar? They seem so effortless. I absolutely love everything I've heard thus far so I'm about to go and order everything I can from here on The Simple Carnival website. (You can get a CD and mp3 download of most recent EP release Me And My Arrow for $5 plus shipping or just the download for $4. Fantastic!)

But here's my favourite song, which just won't stop playing in my head, and I don't really want it to. It's like the Beach Boys messing around with a long-lost Bacharach song or something.

The Simple Carnival - She Won't Look At Me mp3 (available for 7 days)

It's also a song which will make it onto my potentially brilliant self-pitying mixtape, should I ever get around to making it. For now it's my favourite song of the moment and it looks set to stay that way for a good long while!


I Am Not The Beatles said...

I enjoyed that alot, thanks very muchly.

And I also enjoyed the cartoon picture of the very cute dog - so it was doubly exciting.

Hope all is well!

Ian TB

Anonymous said...

Hey Spike --

Thanks for the nice words about the music. You might be interested to know that I just put up a new Simple Carnival video on YouTube:

Hope you like it!