Wednesday, 19 December 2007

"How can we make it snow?"

Filthy Little Angels
Another Christmas, another generous and original Filthy Little Angels Christmas compilation featuring the likes of The Vichy Government, The New Royal Family, Captain Polaroid and Scunner. This year it's entitled Tis The Seaon To Be Filthy. There are so many tracks up that I must confess I've only listened to about a quarter of them so far, but it seems to be the usual mix of noisy weirdness I like and noisy weirdness that doesn't quite hit the spot for me.

Right click and save the two tracks below and then head over to the FLA blog to download the many other tracks.

The Birthday Girl vs Alexander's Festival Hall - Hey Santa! (Black Snow At Christmas) mp3

I love this little gem from SAY. It's my favourite new Christmas song this year.

SAY - Make It Snow mp3

You can buy music by the artists featured on the compilation from the Filthy Little Shop. Brilliant!
Merry Christmas, Filthy Little Angels!


Kippers said...

Very good! I especially like the Say track. Not heard of them before, but I may well have to investigate them further!

Spike said...

Do that! They have more Christmas songs - that one was from last year - and welcome people spreading their music far and wide.