Thursday, 20 December 2007

Three of a kind #24

Regular Too Much Apple Pie readers (note ambitious use of the plural there!) will know that Spike's the main tweepop advocate of the two of us who regularly contribute. But I'm not averse to a bit of the stuff myself, either, when the mood takes me. Which brings us to today's Three - or, if you will, Twee of a kind: a triple-whammy from Sweden's Handsome Train.

Inspired, as you might expect, by the likes of The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian, Handsome Train were active around four or five years ago, when they released the This Engine Should Do EP through the quintessentially indie Popkonst Recordings.

Sadly, the record has long since sold out, and the band's website has fallen into a state of disrepair over the past year or so - the domain name's been bought out by some travel company - which doesn't exactly bode well for the chances of us hearing any more from them in the future.

But never mind - at least we can still enjoy the music. Speaking of which, here are three superb blasts from the fairly recent past from the very same Handsome Train (that's the band, rather than the travel company).

Handsome Train - Winterwar mp3

Handsome Train - Horse, Boy, Girl mp3

Handsome Train - When I Work I Cry mp3

(mp3s available for 7 days)

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